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A few years ago Terje Røren Johanssen and his wife Ann Helen were returning home from a trip around the Husvær isle in Northern Norway. Inspired by the area’s beauty they drew up plans to turn an old fish factory into what is now the remarkable guesthouse Havkanten Gjestehus. Since 2018, the couple has been inviting guests to join them exploring Helgeland – among the most beautiful pieces of coastline Norway has to offer.

The rustic yet luxurious lodging of Havkanten Gjestehus is a perfect base for exploration of the Helgeland region. With 17 double rooms, meeting facilities and two common lounges, Havkanten Gjestehus is ideal for individuals and families alike, but also for businesses and groups looking to work, team-build and bond in amazing surroundings.

“Companies can book the entire guesthouse, and have all we have on offer at their complete disposal,” Røren Johanssen emphasises.

Not summertime exclusive

Also worth noticing is the fact that Havkanten Gjestehus is a full-year operation.

“This destination always has something to offer, not only in the summer. While winter in these northern parts might seem intimidating to some, others are keen to experience the season – and the treasures that come with it,” Johanssen says, adding “Fishing enthusiasts will, for example, thrive in the winter. The biggest fish is caught when the water is at its coldest.”

Whenever you choose to visit, Havkanten Gjestehus offers a wide range of activities, including kayaking, diving, hiking, fishing and ocean safaris, including into the nearby UNESCO-protected Vega-area. Furthermore, Røren Johanssen is a certified kayak and diving instructor, allowing guests to sign up to obtain a diving license while at Havkanten.

Tailored experience

“We really try to tailor the experiences to meet the desires and needs of our guests,” he says. To the perfect hosts, Mr and Mrs Røren Johanssen, it is paramount that guests feel welcome. They often pick up guests at the airport and take them to the guesthouse, which is well connected to the airport and to the mainland cities. The special care for the guests also extends to the food offered; most of it from the sea, including the highlights shellfish, halibut and cod.

“We are self-sufficient when it comes to food. The menu varies from day to day, depending on what nature provides. Sustainability is very important to us,” the host proudly proclaims.

By Jarle Petterson

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